Hey there, I’m Marilyn Monrovia. I’m an actress, comedienne and all-round entertainer working and living in Los Angeles.


With her long red hair, piercing blue eyes, and fair skin, Marilyn Monrovia is a natural beauty. She is a former PLAYBOY bunny, a stand up comedienne/actress, and a domestic abuse survivor/advocate. This woman was destined to leave her small Midwestern town and so something with her life. Marilyn was born in Emporia, Kansas ("half way to everywhere"). Emporia is the exact halfway point from all the north/south and east/west borders of the U.S. She grew up in Ft. Worth Texas as a Girl Scout and member of the Texas Girls Choir. She attended high school in Aspen, Colorado. When Arny Freytag and a crew were in town doing a piece called "The Women of Aspen" for PLAYBOY in 1983, they saw Marilyn hitchhiking by the side of the road in the winter. They were so awestruck by her they drove their car two blocks in reverse to go back and ask her to be part of the pictorial.

Marilyn went on to study dance at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Dance Academy and competed in the Mrs. Oklahoma pageant, She auditioned to be a pro football cheerleader with the Cowboys 4 times- but the NFL team never hired her. After learning the art of Master Shoeshine Valet in the Ft. Worth Stockyards, she started her own Bunnyshines Shining Star Shoeshine Company that extended into 10 Western dance halls in Dallas. Later, she toured 18 cities with Monsters of Rock as a removable tattoo vendor with Bob Rock. Once she arrived in LA. She thought it would motivate her to get her SAG card if she located her shoe shine business in the foyer of Marie Calendars restaurant, right next door to the Screen Actor's Guild headquarters on Wilshire Boulevard. Several long years later, thanks to Andy Fickman she became SAG accredited. Along the way she may have gained some weight but she also developed an uncanny knowledge of Calendar's delicious pies.


Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world!

- marilyn monroe


On Valentines Day 2013, Marilyn married Loren Burch. President of the Horseless Carriage Club of Southern California, Burch is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of "Brass Era" automobiles. The Burch's own collection of vintage cars are seen annually in the Tournament of Roses Parade and are prominently featured in film and television productions worldwide (most-recently SAVING MR.BANKS). Their specialty "Stanley Steam" car- purchased from MGM in 1983 - was featured in SEA BISCUIT. Marilyn appeared on game shows to pay the bills(Did we mention she won the Showcase Grand Prize on THE PRICE IS RIGHT and subsequently made the "Deal of the Day" on LET'S MAKE A DEAL- winning the grand prize and more than $30,000?) When LA casting director Andy Fickman saw her turning cartwheels on THE PRICE IS RIGHT, he cast her in RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, which got Marilyn her SAG card. Marilyn has an Associate of Science degree in Commercial Art and also holds an A.S. in Commercial Flight. In 2000, she competed in Safecon with the Mt. San Antonio College Flying Team as the team's safety captain and pre-flight specialist. She is a proud member of Women of the Woods, an elite neighborhood club. She participates in Boy Scouts with her teenage son.
Currently, Marilyn Monrovia is one of three candidates in the 2017 ballot for the National President of SAG-AFTRA. Her opponents are: Gabrielle Carteris, Pete Antico and Esai Morales.

Boring, she's not.


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Back in the studio to record her new comedy album, “Whipped Cream & Other Delights”, Marilyn Monrovia is sure to make you laugh while making you move!


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